About Us

The prime business of Lesedi Ko Pele Trading is the provision of Security personnel to both the public and the private sector.

In-service training is offered to community members within our headquarters with the aid of the best lecturers and use of the best teaching strategies and material. We are actively involved in the training of hundreds of new security officers monthly furthermore in ensuring that they abide by the standards set by South Africa's Safety and Security Education & Training Authority (SASSETA) as well as the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)

We not only involved in the provision of Security Services but we also provide computer courses and cleaning services to commercial, industrial and private sectors.

Protection Services

Lesedi Protection Services

Our main specialisation, aided by officers trained within our own Training centres ensuring that company standards are kept at all times we provide prestige security services to both the corporate and private fields. Your safety and security is our prime responsibility.

Cleaning Services

Lesedi Cleaning Services Aiming to keep a clean and safe environment Lesedi cleaning services is there not only to ensure that but to increase employment in this vast and workforce demanding field. 

IT Solutions

Lesedi IT Solutions
In an ever changing world where staying abreast with the latest technology developments having a dedicated IT Department becomes a must to any company. Our IT solutions field provides extensive computerized services ranging from simple internet solutions to complex graphics & web design services.


All Services and Courses we offer are Certified by these Certification boards:


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